Christmas Song

It was autumn when you sang a Christmas song,
So exciting, so unusual, so special.
It immediately took my heart and soul,
Made me feel the joy of holy celebration.

And I smiled at grumpy strangers, didn’t care
How they judged me, what their little brains were thinking.
All that mattered was your world you kindly shared,
And I pinched myself to check I wasn’t dreaming.

I will never stop admiring your voice,
You’re the melody I’d listen to forever,
When I heard you first there was no other choice,
But to lose my mind and fall in sweet surrender.

What a cute surprise it was that festive song,
Precious present which was not anticipated!
And I wish we could just have it all year long,
This amazing sense of Christmas you created.

London, 15.10.2014 — Clifton Campville 18.10.2014, 14:26


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